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July 10 2017


Real estate investment myths that deter investors

Real estate in India has traditionally been one of the most exciting investment opportunity for people. The growing economy, booming sector and the increasing purchasing power of people has only contributed to an increase in demand for more real estate investment opportunities. However, as we say this, there are also certain myths that are deep rooted in the real estate industry, which largely determine consumer purchase decisions. There are also some misconceptions that lead the investors into making some wrong investment decisions, which eventually cause them dearly. Whether you are into the realty business or are planning to invest in real estate, here are certain myths you will come across rather frequently when it comes to the real estate market.

1.The only criteria for choosing the time to invest in property is the market scenario
So, while this statement maybe partially true, there are various other factors that will enable you to decide when you should be investing in your property. There are several investors who are first time investors who need to consider other factors also before investing in a property apart from what the market scenario looks like. Several aspects like personal affordability, bank home loan interest rates, your age factor and so on can play an important role in making the wise home buying decision. The purpose of investment is also an important factor. If you are considering buying your home at a younger age, then you are likely to own your home sooner. It is important to get the right assistance from a financial planner, rather than keeping the market condition as the sole base for your property investment decision.

2. Real Estate investment is a risk
Real estate investments are often considered a highly risky proposition due to the market being highly volatile. While yes, there are often chances that the market can suddenly go down considerably lowering the sales returns that you will get at the time of sale, but the fact is that every investment comes with a certain amount of risk. Be it the stock market or investing in gold, the risk factors are present in all sorts of investment avenues. Real estate investments are considered to be investments in real term when they are held for longer periods of time. You can considerably reduce your risks by investing in a property that is surrounded by some infrastructural haul. Again, the type of property you invest in also makes all the difference on the expected returns from the investment. While the risks are present, they are calculated risks and can be reduced to a large extent by making an informed buying decision.

3. Developers purposely delay projects
Property investment is often guarded by a severe misconception that the project will be delayed by the investor. Most people think this to be a gimmick by the real estate developers, however while project delay seems to be the most common complaint, most of the big developers will vouch by the fact that developers never delay the projects out of choice. A professional developer is likely to try their best to ensure delivery and completion of the given projects as a delayed project is also an additional expenditure for the developers. Real estate in India, is largely governed by several government and civic bodies for approvals. Premium residential properties have to undergo a series of approvals to go through, including land approvals, environmental clearances, occupational certificate and so on. These certifications are a mandate and often take anywhere between 24 to 36 months to come through.

4. You should only trust big names for better value
At the onset of your home buying project, you are likely to go through several real estate websites, gaining more information about projects and the builders. The myth that is often associated with the home buying process is that only big builders and developers give complete value for the investors money. This myth has however emerged as the biggest misconception of the sector as real estate trends have shown how several large developers have failed to keep up their commitments and timelines on certain projects, while mid size developers have delivered projects in the promised timeframe as well as maintained high quality of construction. In fact, some of the mid-sized developers are even committed to delivering quality amenities and even keep a check on the projects for further maintenance after the completion of the project.

5. Metro cities are the only places for good real estate investments
The fact is far from this myth. According to sources, the metros are now saturated with developments and are not seen as a much value-buy from an investment perspective especially for the middle class. Focus for the next phase of real estate boom is now shifting towards Tier II and Tier III cities, which are now experiencing the infrastructural boom, making it the right time for investors to plug in their funds. Pune, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, Coimbatore and Lucknow are some of the cities that are being looked at as viable investment propositions guaranteeing good returns for the future.

6. Developers increase the property prices intentionally
While the real estate prices keep rising, investors often blame the property developers for the price hike. However, it is important to note that the price hike doesn’t benefit the developers either, since the property demands automatically come down with a rise in the monetary value. Professional developers such as Indya Estates and others who stick to quality do not inflate prices or approve unrealistic price hikes. Hiking up the prices of the projects is not in the hands of the developers and is more area or market driven.

7. Discounts offered by developers helps in bringing down the overall cost of the property
The reality is indeed far from this. If you thought the cash discounts that are offered by builders and developers helps in bringing down the cost of the property, then you are mistaken. The amount that is discounted is often added to the overall cost of the buyer as a hidden cost, which the buyer eventually has to pay in the form of amenities or facilities offered. However, having said this, the upfront discounts are different from the offers that are put up during festivals and special home buying occasions. Before going ahead with an investment based on an offer, it is important to go deep into the mathematics to avoid any surprises later. It is also important to ascertain that the discount offered at start is not included later as a hidden cost, which eventually dilutes the value you see with the discounts.

8. Top Floors come with a premium
If you are investing in a premium property, then you certainly want to get it with the best view, which is often attached to a top floor buy. While in some cases top floors do come with a premium cost, it is important to understand what the difference in the cost is and whether the value is justified as per your expectations. In tier II and tier III cities, the top floor premium is still not quite heard of, however in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, where living on a higher floor is a craze this myth may have some truth.

Property investment is a huge investment, and hence requires some amount of research. Visiting real estate websites, speaking to real estate developers, reviews, following up on some real estate news as well as getting first hand reviews about the project or developer are some of the best ways to find authentic information that can help you manage and minimize your risks. While every form of investment entails certain associated risks, real estate is no exception. However, when investing in real estate it is important to keep these myths aside and do your homework for a sound and wise investment decision that will fetch you good future returns.

June 23 2017


How Affordable Housing Drives The Growth Of Indian Real Estate Industry?

Although affordable housing sounds like a simple term, let’s find out what it really means. It simply means affordable housing facility for the middle-income and lower-income households. You will come across affordable housing projects in developing countries where it is important to have such schemes to empower the population which has been side-lined. As you can imagine, we need such a scheme in a still-developing country like India. Even though you might come across different definitions for affordable housing in different countries, the basic concept is same everywhere.

The Intent

As we can see, the intent is very clear when it comes to projects like these – to give better living condition to families who are below the average household income. In a developing country like India, affordable housing is regarded as the need of the hour. A large percentage of the Indian population is still living in less than desirable living conditions. We have to look at it as a basic human rights issue. Every citizen must have the basic amenities like water, food, sanitation and house. Top world organizations like United Nations and the World Bank insist that developing countries should make sure that their citizens get all the basic amenities as it is their basic human rights.

Affordable Housing in India

The Government of India has ambitious plans when it comes to affordable housing in India. The Government of India has revealed their plan where they want every Indian to have home to live in by 2022. To make this a reality, the Government has been taking lot of initiatives. There is a huge demand for affordable housing in the country as we speak. For the same, the Government is planning to collaborate with private builders to form a public-private partnership model. It’s no secret that high real estate prices have made it difficult to buy a house. Lot of Indians can only dream of a house at the moment due to this. But with the introduction of affordable housing, lot of Indians can now dream about a house of their own.

Affordable housing in the international scenario

By far, we have seen the scenario in India. Now let’s see the scenario in the rest of the world. The United Nations and the World Bank have jointly recommended something named The Median Multiple Indicator. This is an indicator of housing affordability. We have already mentioned that different countries have different mechanism to gauge affordable housing. But in principle, it means the same everywhere.

Changing the landscape of Indian Real Estate

Residential real estate is on the rise in India. The market is booming. Investors from all over the world are eager to invest in the Indian real estate industry considering the growth rate and future it holds. Buyers are enjoying the new opportunities created by the Indian real estate industry. Investing in real estate has been proven beneficial for all the investors. One can always expect further prospects when it comes to real estate business. And now affordable housing in the country is making the right noise. People who have migrated to big cities find it hard to own a house. And they are in dire need for affordable housing. They need an inexpensive place to live and affordable housing intends to fulfil this need.

Both established developers as well as first time developers benefit big time when they invest in affordable housing. It’s an opportunity to mark the industry with the skills you possess in investment. If you have the right tactics in planning, you will be able to make huge profit. Builders stand to benefit if they employ the right tactics. If we take a look at it from buyer’s perspective, we can see that they are looking for a place which is affordable but at the same time filled up with all the necessary amenities. As a result, buyers are really impressed with the affordable housing options available.

Buyers are in not in a mood for luxury housing

The preferences and priorities of the investors don’t remain the same. These days, they are more into affordable property with all the basic facilities. This scenario occurs when a large percentage of the population migrates to the tier-1 and tier-2 cities all over the country. It’s a growing trend that people are relocating to cities looking for greener pastures. As a result, demand for affordable housing has increased exponentially. Back in the day, only certain class looked for houses to buy. That is not the case anymore. Middle class is looking for an affordable housing option to invest their hard earned money. Affordable housing allows them to find a house which is near to their work place, within their budget. Evidently, luxury housing has taken a backseat. It is a global trend as we speak. Buyers are no longer interested in spending huge sums of money on luxury housing. Buyers have become much smarter and they are actively pursuing affordable housing. The demand for reasonably priced housing has hit the roof.

Affordability has been one of the driving forces of various trends in the real estate segment. As we all know, the trend of nuclear families is rising all over the country. And affordable housing fits the bill perfectly. Nuclear families drive the growth of affordable housing. Now we know where the demand comes from. Moreover, IT sector has been a big player in this regard. In cities like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Thiruvanathapuram, IT has become the major force driving the local economy in these cities. And that has fuelled the need for affordable housing. Techies are looking for affordable apartments closer to their office. This allows them to cope up with the dynamic working hours of this sector. As a young professional, it is a big deal to own a house in a metropolitan city in India.

Real estate in India has been evolving constantly. It has become a new business altogether over the years. New regulations are in place at regular intervals and different methods are being employed in the development process. Investors are lapping up residential property as it is the most attractive investment option for them. Developers are looking for innovative methods to attract the buyers. It is indeed a profitable long term venture for the investors. And at the same time, the developers stand to gain big time considering the ceaseless boom in the sector.

First time buyers find it more affordable

Considering the rapid urbanization, real estate has opened the floodgates of several opportunities for every sector. In India, things are looking really positive all thanks to the reforms introduced by the Central Government. The RERA Act is one such example. The RERA Act has been one of the biggest reforms that have boosted the real estate segment like nothing else. The pro-buyer attitude of the RERA Act has been highly appreciated by the investors. And it is expected to drive the growth rate beyond expectation. Indian real estate had witnessed a downfall prior to this. But the industry has become more responsible and organized with the latest reforms. All thanks to the vision introduced by the Central Government for the growth of real estate in India, the industry is enjoying a very good phase at the moment.

When it comes to developers, they have realized the potential of affordable housing in the cities. The demand is huge and it is growing every day. Considering that, builders are more than eager to invest in the real estate India sector. Buyers who were sceptical about the performance of the real estate industry are finally warming up to the industry. They are all looking for more profit. Builders are planning out projects that cater to the current demands of buyers. And they understand the significance of timely response. No wonder why we see an influx of affordable housing projects which are tailor made for investors. When it comes to most cities, we see hoardings with the caption, “property for sale”. And that speaks volumes about the significance of property investment. When it comes to the best residential projects, affordability is the key reason behind the success. People are not looking for premium villas or premium residential properties. Let’s take the example of Bangalore –buying a property in Bangalore has become increasingly difficult. You will find plenty of property websites in Bangalore. If you do a Google search on residential property in Bangalore or real estate Bangalore”, you will come across lot of real estate websites. There are plenty of high-end properties in Bangalore. But given the fact that the growing population of techies in the city is looking for affordable housing, builders are doing everything they can to offer affordable housing. Even at that, property prices are comparatively high in Bangalore.

The projects in metropolitan regions

Let’s take a closer look at the projects in metropolitan regions. Builders consider the trends in the industry before they plan a project. Lot of people are migrating to big cities for work. And they are looking for a residence. When they first move to the city, they prefer to stay in rented apartments. But after building a profile in the city, they are looking for housing option they can invest in. And they always look for an affordable housing option instead of a luxury housing option. So, those builders who have affordable housing stand to benefit from this trend. Also, according to studies, this migration process is going to get stronger in coming decades. Within few decades, large percentage of the population will be living in the cities. And that tells a lot about the significance of affordable housing in the metropolitan regions. If you act quickly enough, you might benefit from the trend which is going to be here for a long time.

Being smart is very important

Developers can drive their profits if they are smart enough. If they have a vision for the road ahead, they will be walking away with huge profits. For that, you need to understand the need of the buyers. You also need to understand the future that awaits the industry. The rapid urbanization is here to stay. No one can put a stop there. Builders have to build better infrastructure keeping the future in mind. Also, they must ensure that there are no loopholes in the upcoming projects. Affordability is a big concern for first time buyers. So, being too pricey might backfire. All that you need is a smart strategy that will bring returns in the long term. There is no dearth for investors in India. And their number is about to grow in a big way in the coming years. Poverty is being eradicated and more people are coming into the bracket of middle class. And middle class drives the growth of affordable housing. Being there at the right time with the right offer means success. As long as builders act smartly, they will stand to gain big time from this trend. Real estate in India is going through a transnational phase. Affordable housing is the key to that. If you understand it, then you will foresee big success.

June 20 2017



The real estate in India business saw plummeted sales for a while in the recent past. But there is hope now. Modi government came into power and things started moving in the right direction for the industry considering couple of significant policy changes proposed by the new government. Modi government announced few mega missions which were meant to bring some significant changes. Smart cities were announced. Central government has ambitious plans to turn 100 cities into smart cities. These handpicked cities will receive 500 crore each from central government to improve the infrastructure. Considering the fact that India is witnessing rapid urbanization, India needs to have world class cities to accommodate the population which is constantly migrating from villages to the cities. The government has also declared the Housing for All by 2022 scheme. These schemes are expected to fuel the growth of Indian cities. Yes, things are beginning to look positive for the real estate sector in India. But does that mean that real estate sector is still regarded as the top asset class today? Well, we have to consider several factors to give a proper answer to this question.

The reality

In a closer inspection of the market scenario, we can see that the real estate industry has its own demons to deal with. High home loan interest rates, project delays and increasing property prices are the main reasons behind scepticism in the minds of investors who are sitting on the fence. Indian real estate portal, CommonFloor.com conducted a comprehensive survey in 2016 to find out the real mood of the market. The survey titled, “REAL ESTATE CONSUMER OUTLOOK: H1 2016 – A CommonFloor Survey” gives a clear picture about the days to come. Let’s jump right into it.

Real estate continues to be the best asset class for investment

When it comes to an average investor in India, they tend to focus their energies on mutual funds, stocks, fixed deposits, gold and real estate. But with ever changing market, it is difficult to assess the ruling asset class. Real estate used to be the top asset class for investment for a long time. Consumers have been showing tremendous interest towards the investment in real estate. Yes, the survey reiterates the fact that real estate is still the reigning king. Reduced interest on home loan and never ending demand for home has resulted in this scenario. It’s time to go little deeper to learn more.

Indeed, real estate is the first choice for all the investors. But there is tight competition for the second spot. For instance, mutual funds took second place in Bangalore, where 20% voted for it. But fixed deposit took the second spot in the case of cities like Pune, Chennai, Mumbai Metropolitan Region and National Capital Region. Fixed deposit has been the traditional choice and it continues to be a force to reckon with.

We have stocks in the 4th place. We can understand why – the Sensex has been scaling new heights of late. Interestingly, it maintained the 4th spot in all the surveyed cities.

Gold, on the other hand, seems to be losing the plot. Several macro-economic factors have been the reason behind the shaky performance of gold. If you wish to know the major factors, then we can take zero regular income and no tax benefits. Investors find it less attractive due to these factors.

The survey has unveiled the unwavering interest for real estate. More than half of the responders said that they are open to invest in the real estate sector. And that tells a lot about the prospectus of real estate.

But when asked whether they have bought houses, the answers were less optimistic. They are all interested in doing so. But most haven’t done it yet. What could be the reasons behind it? First and foremost, responders complained that investing in real estate is always a time consuming process. Interestingly, most of them said that they would like to invest in real estate as soon as possible. What we derive from this is that there is positive buzz surrounding the investment prospectus of real estate in India. Is it going to stay here? That time only will tell.

As per the same survey, close to 43% in Bangalore did not invest at all. But 36% is seriously thinking about buying a property within a year or so. And 21% have said that they managed to clinch a good deal.

What about the other cities? It’s pretty much the same in cities like Pune, Mumbai Metro Region and Chennai. Majority have said that they have plans to buy a property in the near future itself.

Why consumers hold back?

The common theme of the above mentioned survey is that most of them are holding back. What could be the reasons behind it? First and foremost, buying a home is not a simple decision. It’s one of the life-altering decisions for most people. The stakes are high when it comes to buying a new house. Amenities, BHK, project, location andbudget are some of the concerns for the investors. Potential buyers don’t want to make a decision if they are not sure about these factors. They all go for the wait and watch approach. But pushing these buyers on the fence into making a decision is the key to the growth of the industry.

So, consumers were asked about the things that bother them regarding this decision making. Well, consumers have spoken! And they say in unison that they are waiting for prices to go down!.

But in the case of National Capital Region, lack of relevant guidance, construction delays and job uncertainty also played their part in these delayed decisions. Or in other words, there is no fixed reason behind it.

The most crucial factor in deciding the investment
  • Budget has to be the most crucial factor that leads to this decision. People have spoken about their budget constraints.
  • For National Capital Region, Pune and Bangalore, the preferred budget is 40-70 lakh. When we take a closer look at the data available, we can see that close to 70% of them had a maximum 70 lakh budget.
  • When it comes to Chennai and Mumbai Metropolitan Region, most of them prefer maximum budget to be Rs. 40 lakh. And that indicates that investors in these cities prefer affordable housing with basic amenities. Most of them are not into luxury housing. Maximum 40 lakh budget has been the most popular in these major cities. The trend suggests that it’s going to remain in that bracket for little longer.
Property type

Well, now it’s time for us to learn more about the preferred property type.

  • In the case of Chennai, home buyers had equal liking for villas, independent houses and plots.
  • However, there is a clear winner. Plots are the clear favourite as more than 48% responders went for it.
  • The interest for apartments has been revived in a big way in the big cities. Most of the buyers are interested in buying it for self-occupancy. They didn’t buy it for renting it out to others.
  • In the case of Pune and National Capital Region, the second spot went to plots.
  • But in the case of Bangalore, row houses and villas secured the second spot.
  • When it comes to the most cities, commercial properties, independent houses and villas recorded minimal interest from potential buyers. And we can understand the reason behind that. In big cities, people prefer apartments to other options for various reasons.
Preferred Construction Stage of Buying

Let’s study about the preferred construction stage for buying the house as well.

  • When it comes to all the 5 surveyed cities, most respondents said that they are more interested in ready-to-move in within one year.
  • As we have discussed earlier, buyers are looking for a space which they can occupy later on. For the same reason, they are looking for a property which is ready for possession within a year. People are not pleased with construction delays. It has been a major put off for most of the investors in all the cities. And that explains why they prefer ready to move in properties over the rest.
  • Pre-launched properties also gained some traction in cities in Chennai, National Capital Region and Pune considering the monetary benefits attached to it. It managed to take the second spot in most of the cities.
  • While in the case of consumers in Mumbai Metropolitan Region and Bangalore, they opted for a rather cautious approach. They preferred under-construction properties and it took the second spot in these cities.
Pan-India results of the survey
  • Pan-India results of the survey shows that real estate is still the top asset class in India.
  • 88% of Indians believe that real estate is the best asset class that they should invest in. Yes, it is true. There is a fixed perception that real estate is a reliable investment option. And there has not been an incident that proved otherwise. So, we can easily understand why people voted for it.
  • As per the survey, 72% assume that early stage of construction or pre-launch is the best option in terms of money. The price is relatively low at this point. They may have to wait little longer. But considering the monetary savings, most Indians find it very attractive option. No less.
  • According to the 78% of the respondents, upcoming locations hold bigger promise compared to the prime localities. It could be because of the reason that prime localities don’t usually record sudden spike in prices. Whereas in the upcoming localities, things might get heated up due to some infrastructural development happening over there. And that means bigger gains in long term. Whether this argument holds true or not, this is what most people assume.
  • 84% of the home buyers said that they used to wonder whether they had made a mistake or not after making a purchase.
  • 46% of the home buyers have some serious issues with the developer. They have complaints that are never resolved. And the buyers assume in advance that they are going to be left disappointed.
Scenario in Bangalore

Let’s take the example of Bangalore. It’s the city of techies. These young, rich professionals are looking for buy a property in Bangalore. If they wish to know more about real estate in Bangalore, all that they need to do is to do a Google search on keywords like, “residential property in Bangalore”, “property websites in Bangalore” etc. And they will have all the information they seek. The scenario in Bangalore will tell you about the state of real estate in India. After the introduction of RERA Actthe confidence of investors in Bangalore has increased. Best residential projects in Bangalore offer premium villas and premium residential propertiesBut the crowd in Bangalore prefer apartments. You will come across property for sale hoardings all over the city, which is indicative of the flourishing real estate scene in Bangalore. Real estate websites feature Bangalore properties prominently. The scenario in Bangalore will tell you that there is no dull moment in property investment in the metropolitan regionsIf you are looking for a property in Bangalore, you should definitely check out what Indya Estates have to offer.


Yes, Indians still consider real estate as the top asset class. Until a strong competitor comes into the picture, real estate is going enjoy its rightful place under the sun. It has its issues. But those issues are not strong enough affect the growth of the industry.



Bangalore or the now Bengaluru, is one of the fastest developing metros of India. With the IT boom that hit the city, came in a confluence of cultures as a number of people relocated from various parts of the country only to make this beautiful city their home. Being a homely city catering to both young and the old, the real estate segment in Bangalore has always been an attractive proposition, encouraging more and more buyers to invest in the city.

With companies setting up their offices in several pockets of the city, development as far as real estate is considered got scattered all over the city. There are various properties for sale available in various areas of Bangalore, consisting of both older redeveloped properties and newly constructed apartments with the best of amenities and infrastructure. You could be looking at property investment or ready to move in residential property in Bangalore, be rest assured the options to choose from are aplenty and hence it requires careful analysis and thinking to make sure you make the right investment decision.

Here are some important factors you should take into account before making a purchase decision of properties in Bangalore:

What kind of Property are you looking at?

When it comes to home buyers there are various factors that influence investors, to put their money into a specific property. People buy property for various reasons such as investment purpose or for upgrading lifestyle and the location or property you decide to invest in should suit your requirements of buying a house. There are many properties for sale that are available for cheap around the outskirts of Bangalore city, however these may suit those who are looking at investing for a long term perspective. For those looking at residential properties, North or South Bangalore have a number of residential properties that provide for luxurious and stylish living in the heart of the city.

The builder developing the project

There are several builders who have their on going developing projects in the city of Bangalore. Before deciding upon the builder you’d like to invest in it is important to do a background check of the builder and take a look at the various projects that have been completed by the builder to get an idea of the kind of work the builders are doing. Reputed builders like Indya Estates are known for their futuristic projects in various parts of Bangalore. Thoughtful designs and well planned projects by these builders are backed by functionality and practicality, becoming the obvious choice for investors and those intending to move in.


The budget you have in mind or can stretch up to is yet another important factor that lets you decide upon the property you want to buy. Getting the maximum value for the money invested should be one objective when investing in the property, and getting maximized future returns should be yet another consideration when investing in the property of your dreams.

Having seen the above major criteria of home buying, there is yet another factor that plays a vital role when it comes to buying a property in Bangalore. This is the location of the property you want to invest in. Bangalore is a vast spread city and location of the property you buy goes a long way in deciding both the appreciation value your money is likely to fetch you as well as the convenience of living if you are looking at buy a property in Bangalore. Here is a complete location analysis of the various sectors of Bangalore which are hot buys among real estate investors in the recent times:

  • Nayandahalli: One of the latest entrants as one of the best places to invest in Bangalore, Nayandahalli is slowly becoming a preferred choice among real estate investors as per the latest real estate trends observed in Bangalore. With the metro connectivity coming up in this area, property rates have suddenly gone up, along with an increased demand for homes in Nayandahalli. With a number of offices and commercial spaces finding Nayandahalli as one of the best places to set up in, more and more people are shifting towards this side of the city. The average price per sq. ft. has seen a 36% appreciation seen in the last 2 and a half years emphasising on the increasing popularity of this part of Bangalore . The biggest boost that this area got was from the metro route connecting upto MG Road, making travel very easy and convenient for people living here.
  • Yelankha:Located in the northern part of the city of Bangalore, Yelankha is slowly a hot spot among builders to create a township that is a part of the city, yet enjoys the greenery and serenity that is hard to find with in the city. The proximity to the new Bangalore airport is one reason why the property around Yelankha has seen a sudden appreciation in the prices. There are over 150 projects that are being developed in this area of which most of them are already ready to move in. The coming years are only likely to see more and more development around this area which makes Yelankha one of the best spaces in Bangalore to invest in right now. The price per sq. ft. in Yelankha has seen a 21% appreciation in the last three years which speaks of the potential this area has.
  • Hebbal:Hebbal is one area in Bangalore that has seen a sudden boom with a number of companies establishing their commercial spaces in this area. Major companies like IBM, Micro Software Service, Philips and so on have their offices located in Hebbal. Apart from the development of commercial spaces, there are also several residential properties that are being developed around the area that attract residential property buyers. Premium residential properties like The Mist, developed by Indya Estates in the Sahakarnagar area near Hebbal are excellent investment properties for both residential staying as well as for a future investment purpose.
  • Sarjapur Road:Yet another key area that is having a huge demand as far as real estate is concerned, Sarjapur Road is a great option to invest in when you want premium projects at affordable rates. With a low pricing per sq. ft. it is the right time to invest in the area so as to maximise returns due to the benefits of appreciation that is likely to happen in the future. While there is yet a whole load of infrastructural development planned for this area with connecting roads that would enhance the North Bangalore to South Bangalore connectivity, Sarjapur road is only promising to be one of the best spaces to invest in. A number of commercial spaces are also being set up in this area making office goers to invest in the developing projects around the area. Near Sarjapur there are several developing areas like Attibele, where premium residential properties are being developed. One such example is the The Greens project developed by Indya Estates which consists of vast acres of land spread across huge acres of land and covered by lush greenery. A township in itself, the project promises luxuries living in the city with a view closer to the nature.
  • HSR Layout:One of the premium real estate markets of Bangalore, HSR Layout has been one of the most preferred locations to invest in the recent past. With the proposed metro line connectivity, HSR Layout becomes the central hub connecting various parts of Bangalore with its central location. Being an access point to the Electronic city, HSR layout has become a favorite buy among residential property buyers who want to live in the heart of the city yet maintain proximity to their offices. There are over 80 newly developed and ready to move in projects in HSR layout, which definitely make it worth a consideration when looking at investing in real estate market in Bangalore. With its proximity to Koramangala, BTM layout and so on, HSR layout promises a lifestyle living for the people investing residential properties around the area.
  • Electronic city:A major commercial hot spot, Electronic city is being developed as a smart sector of Bangalore that is backed by IT companies having their plush offices in this part of the city. The area was earlier dedicated to electrical manufacturing but has soon become a residential hub and a favorite location among property buyers to get maximum value for their investments. The electronic city flyover that connects this part o the city with the rest of the city, has been a major boost for this area attracting more and more property buyers to invest in this area. There are both affordable and premium homes available in this area that are being developed by premium real estate developers. Luxurious 2 BHK apartments are available in Electronic city at a buy of about 30 to 40 lacs, which considering the future appreciation in this area is a rather cheap investment today.

Location is one of the major factors that decide your investment worth as well as your lifestyle and is hence a primary consideration when buying a property. Use the above guide to decide upon the area you’d like to invest into in Bangalore city to get maximum returns and an upgraded lifestyle while living in the beautiful city of Bangalore.

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